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Clergy Services

Clergy Services

At SCL CPA PC we specialize in dealing with churches, pastors, and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to provide mega church services with small church pricing.

We want to be your part time business administrator with retainer packages customized for your church.

Our unique services include:

  • Web Based Payroll
  • Pastoral Compensation Structuring
  • Tax Preparation
  • Church and Non-Profit Accounting
  • Compilation, Review, and Audit services


Web Based Payroll Services

When it comes to paying employees, laws and the IRS have made the payroll function a time consuming nightmare for the leader of a ministry.

People in the accounting area for a ministry spend an average of eight hours a month performing payroll functions. That's 12 full days a year that could be spent generating new ministry opportunities, improving the quality and services of your ministry, or servicing your donors.

  • Remote Data Entry - Allows payroll to be entered at any time, whether it is from the office, at home, or on the road via your smart phone
  • Web Employee Access - Gives employees to their check stubs, W-2s, and Earning History reports whenever they may need it, reducing the amount of time generating those reports for your payroll staff
  • File Exchange Program - Allows us to constantly stay connected with you in order to send and receive payroll files quickly and in the most safe and secure manner possible

Pastoral Compensation Structuring

How much should a pastor be paid? What benefits can they receive? What other expenses do they incur and how should they be reimbursed? Often times these questions are overlooked or answered incorrectly. Our 20 years of experience in structuring pastoral compensation will help you find answers and simplify the maze of pastoral compensation.

Every situation is different, and we will help cater your package specifically to your particular needs.

Put both your church and pastors minds at ease

A pastor needs to be available at any moments notice to help his church and congregation. Financial worries should not be a part of this. We have structured hundreds of pastoral compensation packages and prepared thousands of tax returns for the clergy. Let our experience and professionalism work for you.

Save the church and pastor money

We have the unique ability and experience in structuring pastoral compensation packages. Integrating the compensation package with your payroll processing and tax preparation will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in taxes.

Attract and retain qualified pastors and church personnel

A church will need more than a couple successful pot luck dinners and generous donations from their congregation in order to provide a qualified, competent, and gifted pastor. Attractive financial packages with a comparable salary are two important aspects that will help secure a great pastor for your congregation.

Tax Preparation

In conjunction with structuring your compensation package, taking the time to confirm your taxes are filed correctly is an important step in making sure that you get the most out of your time and efforts.

  • Should I opt out of Social Security?
  • Am I an employee or am I self employed?
  • Does the IRS consider me a minister?

These are all questions that need to be asked when dealing with your taxes as a pastor. Let our professionals do the heavy lifting to ensure that you get the maximum benefits out of your tax returns.

Church and Non-Profit Accounting

As the leader of a ministry you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your ministry.

Each month or quarter we'll do the following things for you...

  • Reconcile your bank account
  • Generate an income statement
  • Generate a balance sheet
  • Clean up your general ledger
  • Provide unlimited consultations

These tasks form the solid foundation of your ministries accounting system. You can customize the package of services you receive by adding payroll, tax planning, tax preparation, or any of our other services.

We are always available to spend time with you so you fully understand how to interpret and utilize the financial information we provide. Our consultations are already included in our price, so please feel free to call us whenever you have a question or concern.

Compilation, Review, and Audit Services

We also offer compilation, review, and audit services that will help strengthen your accounting systems.

  • A compilation is normally used by smaller, privately held companies that need help in preparing their financial services
  • A review may be appropriate for organizations and companies that must report their financial position to third parties
  • An audit is the most extensive service and offers a higher level of assurance to third parties that the organization's financial statements fairly present its financial position in accordance with certain accounting principles

Our auditors will:

  • Make the audit process informative and educational for both the staff and the Board to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their accounting systems
  • Review any previous internal audits
  • Advise on internal controls
  • Suggest any structural changes as needed
  • Be available to help implement any recommended changes offered and answer any questions that may come up in regards to the audit


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